Start your exploration of the Mile High City here! Discover the city's top attractions, including Red Rocks Amphitheatre and Park, the Denver Art Museum, the Denver Zoo, and the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. There's a world of adventure waiting to be discovered in the Rocky Mountains, including 24-hour casinos, historic mining towns & more.

Direct Flights to Denver, USA

Direct Flights to Denver, USA
Sometimes known as the Mile High City, Denver is located in the State of Colorado a mile above sea level and with the beautiful peaks of the Rocky Mountains as an impressive backdrop. Denver started life as a gold mining town in the 1850s and being in the heart of the Old West it was home to Native Americans, cowboys, saloons and gunslingers.

Denver is now a sophisticated modern city complete with beautiful architecture, a historic culture, over 200 parks and a thriving brewing industry. 
The population of Denver enjoy the many great outdoor attractions which surround them including skiing, mountain climbing, hiking and fishing. Many visitors head to Denver before exploring the nearby Rocky Mountains and the wonderful countryside nearby. 

If you're after direct flights to Denver, then British Airways are currently the only airline offering a direct service from the UK. Sometimes the cheapest flights can be found on indirect flights with a transit or change of aircraft on the way. Denver is very well served by many European and American airlines including Delta, United, Lufthansa and Iberia.

Cheap flights to Denver, USA

Head to one of Denver’s great parks to make the most of the great outdoors; Confluence Park is great for sunny days with bike paths and jogging trails as well as river to enjoy a refreshing dip. Commons Park has great views of the city and is perfect for escaping the crowds in Downtown. One of Denver’s great walking trails is along the Platte River Parkway.

For lovers of culture, Denver has many interesting museums and galleries including the Denver Art Museum which houses the largest collection of Native American art, Denver’s Firefighters Museum with some brilliant interactive displays which children in particular will love and a Children’s Museum packed full of crafts and engrossing exhibits.

Denver is also home to one of the United States Mints which produces a mind-boggling 7 billion coins every year and offers free guided tours on week days. For some great outdoor adventures, head to the Rocky Mountains with its impressive mountains and abundant wildlife including elk and bears. There are plenty of thrill-seeking activities such as horse riding, rafting, climbing and mountain biking and stunning views and fresh mountain air.

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Denver Climate

Denver Climate
Denver lies within the semi-arid, continental climate zone with four distinct seasons, generally low annual precipitation, and rather dry conditions. Summers range from warm to hot. Winters range from mild to cold, with brief periods of snow alternating with periods of warmth, the result from warming downslope chinook winds.

Due to its inland location on the High Plains, at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, weather patterns in Denver can be subject to rapid, volatile yet usually brief changes. 
Annual precipitation is 14.9 inches. The first snowfall of the season generally occurs around October 8, and the last snowfall is about April 27, averaging 61 inches of seasonal accumulation. The city's climate is very sunny with 3100 hours of sunshine, or roughly 300 sunny days a year.